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Flights from Sharjah to Damascus directly

Flights From Sharjah to Aleppo Directly

Damascus to Sharjah
Departure 10:45 Arrival 15:00

Sharjah to Damascus
Departure 16:00 Arrival 18:30

Aleppo To Sharjah
Saturday: Departure 10:45 Arrival 15:00
Wednesday: Departure 10:45 Arrival 15:00

Sharjah To Aleppo
Saturday: Departure 06:30 Arrival 09:00
Wednesday: Departure 06:30 Arrival 09:00

The flight times above are subject to change as necessary by the airlines. Please contact us to confirm the time before booking

Booking & Payments

01. Plan

Send us your desired flight date along with your passport copies via Email or WhatsApp.

02. Connect

Confirm your flight date, details and the price with our specialized employee.

03. Pay

Choose your payment method. Bank deposit or money transfer though Al Ansari Exchange.

About Cham Wings Airlines

Cham Wings fleet was chosen precisely and professionally to fit with the destinations and services that our customers expect. Every plane will provide for you a world of comfort, luxury and safety. As a result, traveling with us will be a unique and easy experience more than any time before.

The company possesses modern “Airbus 320” planes, which conjoin the latest technology and the modern equipment, so that our dear customers can be sure that every journey will be on the highest international safety measures, which we don’t compromise anyway.

The company has future plans to buy and join another group of planes that suits the running plans of different domestic and foreign destinations.
Cham Wings always strive to promote and develop its fleet, especially in long journeys. That means adding more new destinations beside its current network, and thus, providing wider and broader choices for the travelers on its airlines.